Portfolio PRO eBook


Portfolio PRO eBook


Do you want to stop saying “yes” to every mediocre project that comes your way and work on projects you’re passionate about?

Do you want clients who trust your expertise and value your skills?

Do you want your portfolio to help you build a thriving freelance business?

Than you my friend, are in the right place.

When I first started freelancing, I said “yes” to every project that came my way, I wasn’t working on projects I felt passionate about, and was on the fast track to burn out city.

But when I started getting strategic about my portfolio website - everything changed.

I was able to grow my business fast doing projects that I loved, and within the first 6 months - pursue freelancing full time. Now I’m sharing the most important strategies that helped me get there.

Imagine if you had...

  • Projects landing in your inbox that you were truly passionate about.
  • Clients reaching out to you who valued your expertise and were excited to invest in your skills.
  • A growing audience plus getting booked out months in advance all because of your portfolio.

I often dream of finding ways to make more of an an impact with design beyond the screen. So, I’m starting out by planting a tree for every digital product sold on my site. That means, that you’ve planted a tree just by reading this guide! This not only positively contributes to our environment, but helps eradicate rural poverty.

Thank you for your support!

Please note, this is a DIGITAL download! You will get imediate access after purchasing :)

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