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Gifts for the Creatives in Your Life

Well, this month ended up being way crazier than expected. Between wrapping up projects before the end of the year (plus squeezing in a couple rush ones!), moving house & the holidays - I'm realizing I probably should have officially started my blog hiatus a few weeks ago!

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Essential Tools & Resources for Designers

Over the years, I’ve found myself bookmarking A LOT of resourceful websites for designers. Some are great for finding design goods while others help take your skills to the next level. And some, I use every single day!

Today, I’m sharing my all time favorites- from where I find inspiration to what I use for bookkeeping. Let’s get started!

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How Do You Become an "Expert"?

As designers, we typically like to get better at our craft, maybe find a specific focus or niche and of course- learn new skills.

Recently I was listening to the Freakanomics podcast and they had a little series, on self improvement, which I thought you would find helpful or interesting which is why I’m sharing it with you.

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