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Is it time to rebrand your business?

Rebranding is a business move that can not only help streamline your visuals, but positions yourself for future (and accelerated) growth. A rebrand is a great way to align your business with your personality, business goals and values, and connect more authentically with your customer base. Not sure where you stand? Read on for 8 signs it’s time to rebrand your business.

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Essential Tools & Resources for Designers

Over the years, I’ve found myself bookmarking A LOT of resourceful websites for designers. Some are great for finding design goods while others help take your skills to the next level. And some, I use every single day!

Today, I’m sharing my all time favorites- from where I find inspiration to what I use for bookkeeping. Let’s get started!

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7 Typography Tips

Most of these tips are about readability, it’s the designer’s job is to create materials that are easy for the consumer to understand whether that’s the ability to read a map, signage or just plain old legibility.

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Create a Style Guide for Your Brand

Today, we’re going to be talking about STYLE GUIDES! A style guide is exactly what it sounds like, a document that outlines the “rules” or guidelines the brand style should follow. 

Before we get too deep into talking about style guides, I want to mention that I think there can be fluidity within your blog/brand/website style if it makes sense for your audience or goals and values.

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Color Theory: Creating a Color Palette for Your Brand


  • Monochromatic - made up of different tones, shades and tints within a specific hue.
  • Analogous - utilizing three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.
  • Complementary - combining colors from the opposite sides of the color wheel.
  • Split Complementary - use colors on either side of the hue opposite your base hue.
  • Triadic - Made up of hues equally spaced around the color wheel.
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10 Logo Design Tips

It all starts of with doing your research. This will always be one of the first things you’ll want to do and every designer has a different process but in some way or another, go through a creative brief with a client so that your design matches their values/goals/brand.

While you're doing your research, don’t forget to check out what your competition is doing. That way, you can see what the target market is used to and it can help give you ideas of what to avoid or what you can do to stand out.

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Graphic Design Process Example

To create better and more consistent quality designs, it's important to follow a process. It's important to remember that every designer's process is different, you can tweak steps to better fit your "flow" :) 

At this point in the project we have: Met with the client, filled out a creative brief for the project and determined our final goals of the project. We’re designing wedding invitations, so it’s less about the audience and more about the bride’s preferences!

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