Why you need a style guide before marketing design projects


Before we get started, let’s recap what is marketing design:

Marketing design includes projects such as:

  • Social media, blog and website graphics
  • eBooks, case studies and content upgrades
  • Infographics and data visualization guides
  • Webinars and slideshow presentations
  • Facebook advertisements
  • ...and pretty much any marketing content that gets put out into the world!

Here’s where a style guide comes in...

What is a style guide?

They can be simple - many entrepreneurs can get by with a simple one page style guide. You can also put together a multi page style guide. Here's a look at the one created for my client The Creative Potential:

Adhering to brand guidelines is one of the core principles of being a marketing designer.

This means using existing color palettes, typography and any additional brand elements (such as icon sets, patterns and photographic styles).

This helps keep the brand presence unified and cohesive across various marketing channels (website, social media, events, etc.)


What to include on your style guide?

  • Primary logo, secondary logos, avatars
  • Color palette, including the various codes needed
  • Typography (web vs. print)
  • Photography style (bright/minimalist/blue tones, etc.)
  • Additional elements (icons, patterns...)

Need help getting your style guide in order? Let's chat!