What Makes a Logo Design Meaningful?



Today, we’re going to be talking about logo design, specifically Hannah Hart’s logo design. This isn’t a logo critique or anything like that, but what’s interesting about Hannah’s logo, is that she has it tattooed on her.

Now this doesn’t really have anything to do with whether you like tattoos or not. But what’s interesting is there’s a lot of potential for symbolism in both tattoos and logos. So today, let’s go over a couple of the principles of logo design to find out:

What makes a logo tattoo-able?

If you don’t know, Hannah Hart is the YouTuber over at MyHarto and has a show called MyDrunkKitchen. First, let’s talk about the first impression of the logo: basically an “H” made out of video symbols.

Left with that description, it’s not necessarily oozing with meaning but there’s still some thought behind it. There is a connectedness to Hannah (the “H”) as well as her “business” which is symbolized through the video marks: play & pause.

So your first step is to put a little thought behind the logo. That is to say it’s not just a randomly chosen font paired with a cool looking symbol and calling it a day. I’m looking at you Squarespace logo maker!

Some places to start is to look into the history of the typeface you choose and what feeling does it convey, the time period it was created in and so on and so forth.

Now, some people may feel that it’s a requirement of a logomark to be full of meaning and convey immediate symbolism.

I don’t necessarily thing that’s true, but I do believe that there should be a clear connection with the brand at first glance - which we’ve determined Hannah’s logo does.

But now, it’s time to dig a little deeper.

In a recent video, which inspired this video. Hannah described the symbolism: That she got the play button at a time when she was depressed and wanted to motivate herself to just keep going but didn’t want to work herself into a rut so the pause button represents stopping and reflecting.

She also says that she got this before even starting YouTube, which you can consider a happy design accident, which a lot of designs are really. But hey wow! What a great coincidence and now it’s like a super powered logo because it has deeper meaning connected to it.

What’s really great for Hannah and her logo now, is that before people knew that story, her community would wear clothes with her logo on it just to support her - and logos on clothing could probably be a whole different discussion - but now it’s safe to say her community wears that merch with an even more connected feeling to Hannah - now that’s what I call branding!

Now it’s also safe to say that someone out there, could feel so connected to the story, that they themselves got the same logo tattooed on them. That’s kind of powerful stuff when you think about it.

You could argue, but Becky - Hannah’s a celebrity, why would anyone want a business or company logo tattooed on themselves?

A strong logo design can do a really good job representing a business, it’s values and the target market - but it becomes tattoo able after the brand consistently gives it meaning for the audience.

But it becomes a tattoo able logo after the brand consistently gives it meaning and a story that the audience can rally behind

I think it’s worth mentioning that I don’t believe you necessarily NEED to have a logomark as opposed to just a logo type - but we can save that for another video.

I don’t want the point of all this to get confusing. You don’t need a logo to aCTUalLYy be tattoo able. Really, this is about the importance of branding when it comes to logo design.

I believe that you can have GOOD logo that follows design principles, is well thought out, etc. But it takes TIME for that logo to become GREAT. Because, most of the time, it takes a while for people to really start to trust in the story/brand/person/people behind that logo. I hope that’s what you take away from this video:)