Welcome to a new beckykinkead.co!

When I first launched this website a few years back - it started as a simple one page portfolio displaying a mishmash of projects.

Over time, I refined my skills and focus and was able to pursue a full-time freelance career within 6 months of launching.

I never imagined I would one day start sharing YouTube videos or courses (I didn’t think I had the guts to get on camera!) But I absolutely LOVE the direction my business has taken. I’ve really enjoyed adding "design content creator" to what I do on the internet. Creating tutorials, ebooks and courses.

Now, I’m excited to be sharing this update that reflects this evolution of my business :)

New Domain

The primary change, is a brand new domain. I have toyed with the idea of switching from “Kinkead Designs” to “Becky Kinkead” for a lonngggg time.

I made a partial transition when I designed the “bk” mark a few years ago, but never fully pulled the trigger.

Maybe I was a little scared of letting go of the past or committing to a new future... But now that I made the switch, I’m soooo glad.

Kinkead Designs worked as a great portfolio/graphic design business. But as I started sharing more tutorials, courses and resources for aspiring designers, it started to feel confusing and unorganized - it just never all worked together seamlessly.

Now, I'm "Becky Kinkead" across the board with my social media channels and it feels like it all just clicks!

Platform switch

Oh snap, I hopped on that squarespace bandwagon. (I know, I can’t really believe it either). In the past I have big time given the side eye to SS.

The truth of the matter is, I was stuck. Stuck on getting a website design finished for my site and getting a move on with blogging, videos and course creating. And in this season of my business, that's what I need to be focusing on!

I think this tends to be a common setback for designers turned entrepreneurs who are trying to share helpful content, but get held up during the design phase. My goal with this blog is to focus on content creation and I believe it's important to utilize the tools that can best achieve those goals!

After helping a friend setup a SS site and after some of my own hosting issues, I decided to give it a go. It's true what they say, it's a breeze to setup and I'm quite pleased with the look of it.

As I started planning the migration, I thought this was going to be a crazy process, but it wasn’t actually that difficult. I realized some of my most successful content is on YouTube anyway and that I haven’t really been effectively using my site...I have some work to do!

Brand Identity

Overall, my logo has stayed the same. Like I mentioned earlier, I kept hinting at making the transition to "Becky Kinkead" with this logo, but I wasn't ready to fully make the switch - which is why I believe my branding has felt a little disjointed since then.

I sure do love this simple mark, I tweaked the layout a little bit, so it works better as a watermark and on various marketing materials.

When it comes to additional elements of my “brand identity” - I wanted them to reflect my approach to design and teaching. My “brand’s theme” kept coming back to these keywords: modern, friendly, straightforward, fun.

I chose these colors that embodied this overall vibe. I like that when I pair these colors together, like in this infographic. It feels quirky & artistic but still modern & minimalist.

As for the type, I chose “Lora” for the headings, as it’s a contemporary twist on classic serif fonts. Mostly, I was just full on heart eyes with this font in italics:

Don’t I look modern & sophisticated, yet friendly & chilled out at the same time?

Why yes, I do personify typefaces on a regular basis-lolz. I also lOVEed the “ear” on the "g"- It’s those little details :)

I’m currently using “Karla” as the body font - cute, fun, modern!

I hoped you enjoyed this little “behind the scenes” peek & thanks for being part of the journey!


PS! I put together a new ebook in time for this launch: The Design Process Blueprint. Make sure you grab your free copy!

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