Top 7 tools I use to run my online business


Board Booster - Pinterest Scheduling

I’ve mentioned Board Booster on the blog a handful of times in the past. It’s helped me to completely automate my Pinterest marketing. Since using board booster, Pinterest has become my #1 traffic source.

Need help getting setup? I recommend getting started with this free webinar from Melyssa Griffin (a serious Pinterest PRO!)

Later - Instagram Scheduling

Planning a cohesive Instagram feed can be challenging. I love using Later to plan and organize my posts.

There are a bunch of features included in the free plan. You can preview your schedule posts in a "feed" (my favorite), setup recurring schedules and post up to 30 posts a month.

For the rest of my social media scheduling (Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook posts) I use Buffer!

Sumo - Website Optimization

Another favorite that includes a bunch of tools for your website! I first installed Sumo me for the sharing tools, but now I love using it for heatmaps and content maps so I’m getting the most out of my website design.

Asana - Day to Day Business Organization

I was a little late to the Asana game (I used Trello before) but now that I’ve started using it - I’M ADDICTED. I love organization and have most of my business and marketing tasks setup in Asana which I use in conjunction with my bullet journal.

Basecamp - Client Project Management

I know some designers use Asana (listed above) for project management as well. But I have used Basecamp for years and can’t imagine a project without it. It's basically my "if you were stranded on an island with one business tool" item. #lol 

It’s made client communication a breeze. I organize todo lists, notes, events, meetings, it’s all in there! Since you can assign due dates to people, my clients know when they need to provide feedback to keep us on schedule.

Hello Sign - Signing Contracts

My estimate and contract templates are kept in Google Docs, so whenever I’m booking a new client it’s easy to make a copy > customize the doc with their business and project info > setup hello sign and send off.

You get notifications when they open and sign the document as well. Easy peasy.

Harvest - Time Tracking

These days, I don’t keep track of every single step of projects like logo and web design, as I’ve hammered down a solid process!

But for monthly marketing design clients, I love using Harvest - mostly because it has a handy plugin that connects to Basecamp (listed above), so I can easily track time as I work on various projects.

A couple bonus recommendations:

Bookkeeping - for the past few years I’ve used Godaddy Bookkeeping (they bought out the original company I signed up with). It’s FINE, but recently I've been thinking I can tighten up my on boarding process a bit. And at this point I mostly use it to keep track of estimated taxes. I’m currently looking into switching to Honeybook or 17hats.

Email Marketing - I’ve used Mailchimp since 2013, again it gets the job done especially if you’re just starting out. But as my audience has grown, it’s definitely more difficult to keep lists organized. I’m at a point where I either need to take the time to organize my lists or perhaps switch to Convert Kit. A few of my clients use it and I love how simple it is.

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