Squarespace Website Planning Checklist


There’s A LOT that goes into planning a website.

We can easily get distracted with tasks like choosing the best template or what our heading font should be.

And while these things are fun (and important!) they’re just a few pieces of the puzzle.

We want to design a website that WORKS for your business.

And to do that, we need to make sure we’re setting smart goals, optimizing for effective search engine optimization and staying cohesive with the brand identity.

With all these moving parts, it’s easy for items to slip through the cracks. So I’ve put together this checklist to help you stay organized!

Why Squarespace?

Over the past few years, I’ve become a HUGE fan of Squarespace. Here are a few of the reasons I recommend Squarespace to my website design clients:

  • 24/7 support - it is SO great being able to simply talk to people who know Squarespace inside an out for questions, no more scouring forums.
  • Modern and organized design platform.
  • Tons of built in tools - connect to Acuity, Mailchimp and easily setup sumo to track user experience.
  • Built in e-commerce shop
  • Great built-in analytics (but you can still easily connect to Google Analtyics!)

Squarespace Website Planning Checklist:


  • Sign up for Squarespace Trial
  • Choose Domain Name
  • Setup Business Email
  • Setup Coming Soon Page
  • Signup for Newsletter Provider


  • Determine Niche
  • Create Customer Profile
  • Goal Setting


  • Mood Board/Inspiration
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Logo Design
  • Favicon

website organization

  • Create Sitemap
  • Outline User Journey
  • Write Content
  • Gather Images
  • Organize Navigation
  • Build Out Pages


  • Write Page Descriptions
  • Turn on AMP
  • Turn on SSL
  • Create Custom 404 Page
  • Verify Site with Google & Bing
  • Submit Sitemap to Google & Bing
  • Connect Google Analytics


  • Create Newsletter Opt-in
  • Implement Strategic Newsletter Sign-ups Across Site
  • Connect Social Media Accounts
  • Turn on Share Buttons
  • Include Trust Signals


  • Test on Mobile
  • Test Links
  • Activate Squarespace Subscription
  • Set Homepage as Default
  • Promote!

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