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SiliClone Creations was founded by Beth Canuso, and is a silicone restoration company specializing in custom design and coloration. 

I seem to have been carving out a niche for myself with these recent healthcare related projects! It was really interesting learning more about Beth's process when it came to prosthetics and coloration.

The primary objective of the website was to share Beth's processes and the offerings she has for two different types of clients, prosthesis patients and coloration specialists. 




The logo represents the different elements of the prosthesis process coming together.

Color Palette


For the color palette, we had plenty of inspiration from Beth's coloration system



Click here to check out the full website in action!




‣ What are three points of frustration you faced with your brand/website before working together?

1) Where do I even start when it comes to promoting my new business?
2) I want a professional looking website, but I don't know how to create that, nor do I have the time to work on it.
3) I consider myself a creative person and I want my website to reflect that, but I am terrible with computers.

‣ What was the big “a-ha moment” when you decided you needed to change things up?

I was just starting my business, so everything was brand new!

‣ Why did you decide to book your project with Becky Kinkead Designs?

Even from just looking at her website, I could tell she had such amazing talent. She was so down to earth and would be able to walk me through the process, stress free. She was patient with me about all the tech stuff and explained things, rather than passing over it and making me feel stupid. Even from our first conversation about my website, she made me feel like she was capturing my vision.

‣ What were your initial design goals for this project?

I wanted a clean, professional, creative website. The challenge of my site is I have two different sets of clients and I wanted it to be friendly to both. Becky did an excellent job of making this happen!

‣ What was your favorite part about working together?

My favorite part about working with Becky, was how simple she made it. She broke the process down, so it did not seem to overwhelming or time consuming. She was easy to get in contact with and made me feel like I was her priority!

‣ Were you surprised by any aspect of the process?

When I got to see her first proof of my logo and the site. I was absolutely blown away! She captured everything I wanted and took it beyond! We only had to make a few tweaks, thats how much she listened to me at the start .

‣ How was your overall experience?

I 100% love my website and new logo! It has already been great for my new business! Becky is wonderful to work with! I highly recommend her work!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the "behind the scenes" of this project.

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