Who is this Website for? (Part 2)


Welcome to Part 2 of the Website Redesign Series.

This Week's Updates:

  • Reviewing the Data
  • User Personas

The next step in our design process is to do a little research and figure out who this site is actually for. 

Why is this important?

Well, pretty much every question moving forward will come down to the central questions "who are you making this for?"

Items such as:

  • Brand identity (colors, typography)
  • Design elements (icons/illustration/photography style)
  • Website pages
  • Determining overall and specific goals
  • Products/Service Offerings

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Reviewing the Data

Here are a few important data items I'll be focusing on for this project:


At a Glance Takeaways:

  • Demographics (Gender/Age) - helps guide your decision making when it comes to design materials, but also messaging and tone. Source: Google Analytics
  • "Career Focus" - helps determine messaging, marketing content and offerings. Source: User Surveys
  • Devices - help with website layout & design. Source: Google Analytics


What else you can you review?

  • Content/heatmaps to see how people are interacting with your existing website. I use SumoMe
  • Popular pages to see what visitors are most interested in. I use Google Analytics
  • Button clicks/conversions - for me, I'm most interested in what "content upgrades" are converting the best as it helps me learn more about what my audience is interested in. I use ConvertKit

User Personas

If you're just getting started, this can be a little difficult. You may have done "ideal client" exercises which would be pretty similar. 

For me, this is where I'm having trouble with my current website. I'm appealing to women in business who need a brand/website (which is great!)

However ~80% of my audience are designers and my current site isn't structured to share various programs, courses and resources I've created for folks in this camp.

I would also like to continue landing marketing design jobs with larger companies and my current portfolio doesn't best represent this work.

To develop these user personas, the simplest way to do this was to list out recent clients and projects that I enjoyed working on.

All of these user personas fall into the above data. I'm slightly concerned I'm building a site for too many people. But I think I can group my audience into the categories of:

  1. Entrepreneur/Business
  2. Designer

From there, I will have to think about the best way to organize content for the "sub categories", such as:

  1. Entrepreneur/Business
    1. Just Getting Started
    2. Established Business
    3. Company/Marketing Team
  2. Designer
    1. New to Design/Aspiring Designer
    2. Designer with a couple years under their belt

You could even break that down further, for example does this designer freelance or want an in house position? Since my experience is primarily running my own business, that's what I'll be focusing on.

If you're just getting started, I wouldn't worry about trying to juggle this many groups. I've been doing this a few years and know my clients really well and have stayed in touch with audience members for years - so I feel comfortable with knowing who I work with and how these different people's needs and interests can overlap.

You may be asking yourself, where's the user persona for the "aspiring designer" especially as it was listed in the above data?

As I worked through the details and nailed down the people I really want to work more with I felt adding a 5th personas was a little overboard, especially as a one woman shop. My instinct tells me, that by focusing on that experienced designer role, those content/offerings will inevitably spill over and help folks who are new to design. But stay tuned! I'm always down for a pivot:)

Feel free to follow along in Trello, here's a screenshot of our latest progress:

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Download your free checklist to organize & launch a successful website design!

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