Redesigning a Website from Start to Finish (Part 1)


Over the years, I’ve created and compiled courses, ebooks and other tools for online business owners and designers of varying skill level.

I’ve worked on brand identity projects, website design and a lot of marketing materials.

But my site isn’t reflective of this work and there’s no clear “journey” for the different folks who follow this blog.

I have been wanting to do a big overhaul of my site but kept putting it on the back burner for other priorities (you know how it is).

But quite frankly, my site isn’t working for me up to its full potential (more on that later).

So, I’m doing a big ‘ol website/portfolio redesign series! I know y'all love behind the scenes process posts so I thought I'd bring you along. It also helps keep me on track and hopefully we can both learn a thing or two throughout the process!


Here’s the plan:

Each week, I’ll share 1 or 2 steps towards the redesign. You can also keep track of my progress in Trello. I’m not going to put a hard deadline on this just yet :)

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Today I have two updates for you, my goals for the project and the project brief.


Update 1

Website/Portfolio Redesign Project Goals:

Goal 01   |   Make it user friendly.

There’s always outliers, but most of the people that follow my content fall into one of the three camps:

  • Online Entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring Designers
  • Experienced Designers

I have a variety of free resources, posts and offerings for each of you - but there’s no clear path.

Goal 02   |   Clean up my portfolio!

Many of you know that I do brand identity & website design for entrepreneurs. But I also do a lot of web/marketing design for startups and companies.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a great setup for showing future clients this work. (As in, I’ve sent over a Google Drive folder with recent projects).

While this can get the job done, it doesn't exactly do me justice. A few months ago I got the feedback that they were looking for someone with more web/digital experience (saying I had too much print work).

Considering I only do a few print projects a year… this was a major flaw in my marketing design presentation!!!

Goal 03   |   Refine my process/skills.

It’s easy to get comfortable in our programs and processes. I want to make sure I’m on top of the latest tools for efficient work and avoid getting complacent.

For me, this means getting really good at Adobe XD & After Effects. I want to get good at those smooth transitions ya feel?!

Since I don't have to work within a tight budget, I'm excited to experiment!

Update 2

The Project Brief

I kept this pretty simple :)

Project Management

I would normally use Basecamp for something like this, but I want to get you involved. Here's a public Trello board so you can follow along with the status of the project. At the moment, it’s a bit of a brain dump, but you get the idea!

Hope you enjoy!

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