November Goals


Happy November!

Today, I’m trying out a new series, sharing monthly goals. I was going to make this an Instagram series, but as I got writing I ended up having more to say!

Having public accountability has always been a driving force in getting things DONE - for instance I've recently joined a weekly running group & man oh man I have ran wayyyy more the last few weeks!

I also think this would be a nice way to check in each month and see how things are moving along. So, let’s give this a whirl :)

Feel free to post your goals for accountability & motivation!

October Goals Recap

Relaunch this website and rebrand!

DONE! This was a big hurdle for me getting back in the swing of things, I’m glad I pulled the trigger & have been loving the new site. Changing domains was also one of those things that was hanging over me and I feel so much better now that it's done. You can read more about the launch here!

Batch & schedule month’s blog posts

At the beginning of October, my goal was to sit down and create all the posts at once. This really did not happen. I’m a big believer in the power of batching related tasks to work more efficiently, but for some reason when it comes to blogging (or making videos) I enjoy the process so much more on a weekly basis. I also think the posts turn out better:) We'll see if anything changes in November!

Send weekly newsletter

Done! This is one of those tasks you know you need to do as a content creator, but sometimes feels intimidating. Luckily I’ve got some lovely subscribers, so I usually get a friendly reply back, which is always nice! I also updated my collection of free resources and set up a “welcome series”, so that when you sign up, you're introduced to some of my most valuable content.

Finish portfolio course material

You may have noticed that I’m putting together a portfolio course! This was the result of folks sending me their portfolios asking for critiques and wondering what they could do to get more clients or land their dream job. Most of the time I was sharing the same critiques (take your case studies to the next level, try x marketing strategies, etc.) Right now, I have the bulk of the content written. Now it’s a matter of filming & putting it all together. My goal is a mid-November launch, we can make it happen!;)

Streamline social media systems

I am getting there! I try my best to create & curate content that ya’ll will really enjoy, whether that’s because it’s super informational, funny or inspiring. I feel confident with my current Pinterest and Twitter systems. I need to up my game on Instagram, but happy with my overall progress this month. I finally signed up with Latergramme, and omg it really is great. I use a free plan and my favorite part is being able to preview images on your feed!

Here’s a roundup at this month's posts:

  1. The 7 steps you need in your design process
  2. Welcome to a new
  3. The best platforms for your design portfolio
  4. How to find your niche as a designer
  5. 50+ design tools & resources
  6. How to display your portfolio projects + get hired

I also hired an illustrator this month! See that cute little calendar on the graphic up there? I'm excited to start rolling those out over the next few weeks:)

November Goals

Launch portfolio course

I’m really excited about this course material, it’s one of those courses that I’m like “why didn’t this exist when I needed it!” It’s going to include laying some solid foundational work, but most importantly focus on effective case studies and marketing your work so you get the right eyes seeing your stuff! Overall, this is going to be my primary focus this month:)

new headshots

I am definitely ready to get some new headshots taken, just need to bite the bullet and schedule!

Post a Video

I have some different ideas for what direction I want to take my channel in. Recently I've been thinking I’d like to start doing monthly live q&a’s- maybe have a theme each month? Let me know what you think ;)

Cleanup Bloglovin'

This is one of those little maintenance tasks that I'm not going to stress over, but it's on my radar. I’ve never really been too fussed about my Bloglovin’ account, but with the rebrand and new domain my account is all messed up and as I was looking things over I think a longer term goal would to be one of the top design blogs on there!

Instagram editorial guidelines

I'm calling it "guidelines" because I try not to get too strict with my editorial plans, it takes the fun & creativity out for me. But I definitely benefit from having some structure. Maybe it’s a matter of posting x days a week or scheduling a week in advance? I’ll test some strategies out and let you know what works best!

Let me know in the comments, what are your big goals this month!?

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