Unique ideas to spice up your brand's email newsletter design


So you want a newsletter that keeps readers from forgetting about your brand?

The magical formula to stand out is to be relatable, informative + entertaining. This helps make sure your emails get opened, read and in the end - a click through to your website.

Here are 5 different ideas you can try to design better email newsletters:

1. GIFS!

Maybooks was one of the first newsletters that I remember incorporating gifs in their email marketing. I LOVE how creative + fun it is.

You DO have to be wary of using too many images in your newsletter because you could end up in the “junk” folder.

There’s TONS of gifs all over the internet. If you use one, you can give credit (check Kyla Roma’s post on how to credit images)

2. Selfie of the Day (#SOTD?)

It’s getting more and more common to include a picture of yourself in the footer of your email. It’s a great way for people to remember who you are (put a face to a name).

Becky Kinkead being on fleek
Becky Kinkead being on fleek

One idea I’ve been thinking of trying is instead of just adding my normal headshot, take a selfie of whatever I’m up to when I’m writing the newsletter.

Am I drinking coffee out of my favorite Bob’s Burger mug? Am I working at the cafe in town? Is my dog curled up in my lap? (Lol, prob not- he can’t sit still to save his life).

You get the idea. How can you inject little bits of your personality into your newsletters?

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3. Call to Action

Okay, okay this one’s a little more obvious. But instead of just adding a link in your website, create a snazzy "call to action button" (with your branding elements) that point to your services, community facebook group or latest blog post in a fun/engaging way.


4. Latest Instagram

In my newsletters lately, I’ve been adding one of my top performing Instagram posts (I can find this out using Statigram -now Iconosquare) and overlay it with “follow me on Instagram”.

I typically get a flurry of new followers with each newsletter. How can you connect with your people in more places?

5. Offer a Free Personalized Service

This tip is a little more opt-iny. (a new buzzword that was just made up in this moment :P)

"Sign up and I'll give you 3 actionable tips to improve your website copy". Or "I'll send you a 3 minute video reviewing your website".

Whatever would work best for your audience!

This doesn’t HAVE to be an opt-in. You could offer it at the bottom or top of your newsletters so readers can get an opportunity to connect with you before they purchase your service.

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