Monthly Business Review


There's a lot out there on setting goals, but what about keeping track of them? 

I have a system where I keep track of various parts of my business each week, but I also like to do a month in review.

And while updating my income/expenses spreadsheet can be a pain each week - I find doing my "monthly review" really enjoyable!

It gives me time to evaluate and feels like the time for me to get focused, pivot and celebrate wins!

track your monthly reviews to:

  • Helps track progress
  • Stay accountable
  • Evaluate goals

here's what to keep track of in your monthly review:


  • Inquiries
  • Discovery Calls
  • Bookings
  • Launches

Tracking these items helps you see the percentage of clients you book from your calls and inquiries - where can you tighten up or clean up the process to go from inquiry to booked?


  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Net Income

I think this is pretty self explanatory - the key here is to figure out what you're taking home each month after expenses!

Posts Published

There’s a lot about business we can’t control. We can make our plans and lots of lists - but the only thing we can control is where we (consistently) take action.

While I think it’s beneficial to track your finances and audience growth - it’s also helpful to track what you can control.

I'm talking marketing efforts, like videos, posts, email campaigns and social media.

This also helps you reflect on what is really working for you and your business.


  • Social Media Followers
  • Newsletter Subscribers

If you wanted to dig a little deeper here, you could track engagement metrics, click through rates, open rates and see how you're connecting with your audience!

Website Tracking

  • Unique Visitors
  • Visitors
  • Pageviews

You could probably get more in depth but I don't overthink this too much! Just like to be aware of where I'm at and that my blogging and social media is driving visitors to my site :)

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