Teresa Mitrovic | Logo Design



Teresa Mitrovic is an executive coach and corporate trainer who also works with career women who want to be more effective – and create more enjoyment – in their careers, or simply improve their work/life balance.

project overview:

Teresa was dividing her business into two separate entities – a corporate brand and a personal brand – to create clarity for her clients. She needed to streamline her personal coaching brand identity and create something that was distinct from – while still aligned to – her corporate identity.

Together, we worked through the design process to create a sophisticated identity with a contemporary yet elegant aesthetic.

You’ve been a pleasure to work with, not just in your manner but in the quality of work you produce.
— Teresa Mitrovic


During the initial phase of the project, we uncovered Teresa’s brand theme - inspired by her target audience and core values.

[Pictured above: snapshots pulled from Teresa's Customized Brand Strategy Guide]

I’ve worked with a lot of designers over my corporate career and since becoming an entrepreneur and in my experience finding someone whose skill is matched by their work ethic and client service is rare.
— Teresa Mitrovic