How to Be Logistically Creative

I love graphic design (duhhh). But why? Because of the opportunity to be what I like to describe "logistically creative".

Often times people are lumped into two categories. Right brained or left brained, either your creative or analytical. It’s an easy way to “define” yourself. People love to categorize other people into what they're good at and keep them there (hello high school stereotyping). The problem with this, is it puts a cap on your talents and limits your capabilities.

Speaking of high school, because art and photography classes came easier to me, I was lumped into the "right brained" group. I was labeled a creative and I shied away from more objective classes such as math and science. Most people have experiences like this. Everyone is always on track to something. Theatre, sciences, sports... In college it was more of the same. At a liberal arts school, there were a range of majors from fine arts to biochemistry. If you had classes in one building you were marked creative and talented. If your classes were in another, you were considered smart and analytical. It wasn't until I graduated and entered the "real world" when I realized the smartest and talented people are neither one or the other. They're both. They care about and realize there is much more potential in dipping your toe in both pools.

What's awesome about graphic design is that it's blind to stereotyping and merges objective with subjective. Such an important aspect of graphic design, is that it portrays a client's message clearly and consciously. But that's only part of it. The design needs to be creative, unique and individual. It’s a constant balance between originality and functionality. Don’t forget to utilize analytics and any research your client may have about their target market. Also, don’t be afraid to do some research on your own and be aware of the variety of buyers on the market. This can help you more effectively choose colors, fonts, layout solutions, etc.

A great graphic designer knows how to merge these two philosophies. How to add a little "oomph" while still keeping the client's message the core of the work. It's why I love graphic design, because I love the process of developing sophisticated, well thought designs. I love being logistically creative.

Helpful Tips:

1. Experiment with typography, but never forget your audience. Just because YOU like the pretty, swirly font doesn’t mean it’s right. Stick to fonts that people can easily read on a variety of mediums and save the pretty fonts for headers or invitations.

2. Use bold, bright blocks of colors. It’s an easy way to create an eye-catching design without making it too busy. I love looking up color palettes on colourlovers.

3. Coco Chanel once said “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” It seems silly to compare accessorizing to design, but to me it’s the same concept! It’s very much a part of Swiss design theory and the minimalist movement. Take away the fluff, and keep what serves a purpose in a unique way.

Talk soon!

designBecky Kinkead