Is it time to rebrand your business?


Rebranding is a business move that can not only help streamline your visuals, but positions yourself for future (and accelerated) growth.

A rebrand is a great way to align your business with your personality, business goals and values, and connect more authentically with your customer base.

Not sure where you stand? Read on for 8 signs it’s time to rebrand your business.

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You outgrow the DIY phase

Remember those days when you we’re just getting started? You were bursting with ideas, plans and dreams - oh my! While the planning and just-getting-your-feet-off-the-ground phase is fun to reminisce about- the reality is you probably had zero budget to work with.

You decided to DIY your way through a logo design and slap some of your favorite colors together and called it a day.

This is a great way to get the ball rolling. And if you’re starting out without the budget to hire a brand designer, don’t let that hold you back from starting your dream business.

But now, you’ve got a few projects under your belt. You have client experience, you’re getting referrals and your platform is blossoming - cheers! Now is the perfect time to freshen’ up with a professional logo & identity design. Not only will it will help you streamline your marketing materials and get you prepared for future growth - but relaunching your brand is a great way to reinvigorate your audience and create buzz around your business.


You’re not getting customers or clients

Perhaps you’re in a different boat. You’re doing all the right things - you’re subscribed to a zillion blogs telling you to start your email list, get active in Facebook groups and commit to your editorial plan. You’re doing all.the.things - but you’re just not getting any bites.

If you’re doing everything “right” - but not getting any customers, it could be time to take a deep dive into your branding. Maybe it’s feeling unfocused, unprofessional and you’re blending in with the crowd.

A rebrand can help jumpstart your business by identifying what makes you stand out from your competition and visually communicates with customers who you are, what you do and your core brand values.

You're getting the wrong customers or clients

You know those clients that you had a dreamy experience with? They trusted your expertise and valued your professionalism? No? If you’ve never totally clicked with your clients or they come few and far between - something is not working with your brand. Remember, visual content makes up of over 90% of human communication. If you’re not consistently landing ideal clients, your visuals are not effectively communicating your brand.


Your niche has expanded

When you first started your business, you decided to get really focused on a niche - great! That’s a strategic way to get the ball rolling and grow your business. Perhaps you started as a newborn photographer, but then picked up a couple engagement sessions and now you’ve expanded to include weddings.

This is a fantastic way to build your business with lifelong customers (If someone trusts you to shoot their engagement and wedding - they’re more likely to book you again when they have kids!)

BUT - you’re cutesy logo and website geared towards baby pics doesn’t exactly help book that trendy bride. If you’re niche has expanded from when you first got started and doesn’t quite align with your current visual identity - it’s time for a rebrand!


Your niche has narrowed

Alternatively, maybe you started as a lifestyle blog, but a few years later you’ve learned a thing or two about growing a platform online. Now, you focus on sharing blog & social media tips for your readers.

Your brand identity feels disjointed. It makes everything that much harder, writing blogs, posting on social media, procrastinating on projects. You don’t feel connected with your business.

When your identity feels aligned to your current offerings, everything seems to just flow.

Your personal style has evolved

If you're like me, you started your business as a side hustle, maybe a few years after graduating college? But now you’re adulting, your taste has refined and you feel more confident and comfortable with what style reflects you. A brand that reflects your personality and aesthetic helps you feel more confident in your business and helps you forge ahead with ease.


Everyone in your niche looks the same

I have seen businesses rebrand simply because everyone in their industry leaned on the same color palette and it was impossible to stand out. If you feel like you’re not distinct from your competition - a rebrand can help differentiate you with a fresh logo, typography combination and color palette. Take it a step further with customized brand elements like unique icon sets and photography styles to help your marketing materials get noticed above all the noise.



You’re at a crossroads in your business. You can keep trucking away with what you’re doing, but it just doesn’t light you up anymore. You want to move in a new direction - maybe that’s an alternative niche or working with a different audience. Either way, you know that if you want to thrive while moving in a new direction, you need an updated look to match your business goals.

Rebranding is a great way to create buzz around your business, stand out from the competition and get more clients in the door (with projects you love working on!)

If you’re interested in rebranding your business this year - get in touch to schedule a complimentary consultation! I’d love to chat about your project goals :)

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