How to quickly design content upgrades to get more email subscribers


These days, there’s one MAJOR priority on every blogger’s todo list → Focus on growing your email list.

It's a great way to grow your community, have a reliable spot to communicate with your audience (social media can be unpredictable). Not to mention, making sales from your email list has been proven very effective.

But email list building can be slow going, especially if you’re just getting started.

One way to jumpstart your list and entice readers to subscribe, is to offer a valuable freebie in return for their email address. This is often referred to as an opt-in, or content upgrade.

Let's paint a picture: visitor lands on your website and sign ups for your offering (a free ebook/guide/checklist if the sign up for your list).

Sounds easy peasy right?

Well sort of.

You probably feel comfortable writing your “free offering” as it’s usually an extension of what you already know. It could be an ebook, checklist, planner, etc.

The hard part is often putting it all together, so that it converts visitors to readers and readers to customers.

You COULD design your opt-in in an Adobe program - but if you don’t have InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator (or you’re struggling in these programs) this step by step tutorial is for you!

The great part, is once you create a “template” in Google Slides (which is free), you can easily make a copy each time you create a new content upgrade.

Not only does this streamline your process (save time!) but there’s also consistency between your marketing material.

Content Upgrade Template

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Step-by-step guide to creating content upgrades in Google Slides.

01. Create a new Google Slide - call it something like “Content Upgrade Template”.

Want to jumpstart your template? Click here to download your FREE Content Upgrade Template from Google Slides.

02. Format slides to be 8.5x11 - this helps if someone prints out your worksheets, and you can encourage social sharing!


Click "File > Page Setup"


Click "Custom"


Insert dimensions: 8.5x11 and click OK!

03. Now let's create your cover page. This is where your brand elements come in handy (textures, patterns, color palette). When in doubt - keep it simple.

04. Insert a welcome page, introducing yourself, your experience, maybe a testimonial, etc. These elements help build trust with your audience.

05. Insert your content and format it like you would a blog post (large headings, easy to read font, etc)


06. Create a call to action page and/or offering. Don't forget to give the reader a "next step". Ideally, you'll have a sales funnel and this can lead to the next stage of that funnel.

Here's where you could offer a "free consultation" or coaching session - this will really help forge that authentic connection with your readers and can help turn them into customers.

Your call to action could also be something simple, like following you on Instagram or another social media platform.


Going Forward:

For all future PDFs you create, simply click "File > Make a Copy". Now, all of your content upgrades will look streamlined and cohesive!

Where you might have trouble:

Making it "Interactive" - do you want to have fillable forms or check boxes? Upload your final PDF to to customize boxes as forms or checkmarks. 

Final Steps:

  • Download as PDF - review it/check links

  • Upload it to your website or wherever you host documents

  • Add a link to your mailing list OR “resource library” ← another popular way to share a variety of free content!

Content Upgrade Template

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