How to Plan & Schedule a Month of Instagram Posts


Recently, I’ve been hammering out a process for getting organized with my Instagram and have been enjoying the creative process of styling my feed.

I’ve also started utilizing Instagram stories! This helps balance the consistent, scheduled posting and the spontaneity of connecting with people.

The overall process for scheduling Instagram posts looks like this:

  1. Brainstorm Ideas

  2. Setup Calendar

  3. Create & Curate

  4. Schedule Instagram Posts

step 01

Brainstorm Ideas

I keep a running list of “recurring posts”. These are series that can happen multiple times a month if I’m running out of ideas.

Examples include:

  • Mood board Mondays

  • Fave Font Fridays

  • Quotes

I also keep a list of items I create for my clients so I can promote their brand as it’s getting built out.

Examples include:

  • Logo Drafts/Work in Progress Shots

  • Final Logo Design/Identity Materials

  • Color Palettes (these have become some of my most popular & engaging posts recently!)

  • Patterns & Illustrations

  • Website Screenshots

I also always promote blog content (this has been helping me stay consistent on the blog because they provide content for each other!

Remember, the more you post, the more ideas you have!

Step 02

Setup Calendar

I like to use Asana for this step, because we can easily create a board of columns for however many days a week you're planning to post - plus Asana is free!

I don’t worry about posting on the weekend - just Monday through Friday.

how to schedule your instagram posts.png

Asana Tip: I create a new "project" for each month to keep it simple and archive a month once it's complete.

First, fill in the posts you know will be there.

Examples include:

  • My current goal is to blog 2x a week, so I know I will have 2 posts to share on Instagram each week.

  • Look for any holidays you feel like taking part in.

  • Fill in your ongoing post series.

Next, top off with fresh ideas from your brainstorm!

Assign dates to your posts so you can view everything in the calendar (and easily move things around if anything changes!)

step 04

Create & Curate

Here’s where it takes some time. You should be able to brainstorm and plan an editorial calendar in an hour or 2.

But it’s important to start blocking off time in your schedule for creating and curating this content.

Here are the types of content I use:

  • My Own Photos - If I know I want to take some pictures (for example, I wanted to share my pink chair because it’s fun and #onbrand) so I took a few pictures.

  • Stock Photos - Perhaps you purchase a bundle or I often get my pics from Unsplash and tag the photographer.

  • Illustrations & Icons - Sometimes these are ones I've created myself, worked with an illustrator, or purchased from Creative Market.

  • My Own Designs - Especially the material I create for my clients!

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step 04

Schedule Instagram Posts

Finally, once you get everything created, you can drop your images in Later and schedule out your posts!

schedule month of instagram posts.png

At the time of writing this post, I'm still in the create phase for March, but here's a screenshot of my February calendar!

Click preview to see how your photos will look in the feed (my favorite part!)

preview instagram images in phone feed.png

And there you have it! Would love to know if you end up using this tutorial or if you have any tips of your own for scheduling Instagram posts!

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