How to Make a Blog Post Template in Squarespace


To truly see results from blogging, we need to keep it up consistently - something we all struggle with, especially when we get busy with our businesses!

I've been hammering out a process and setting aside time to outline, draft and schedule blog posts to keep a consistent publishing schedule.

Recently, I made one little adjustment that has ended up being not only a huge time saver, but also makes the scheduling process even more enjoyable.

Each time I would sit down to set up a new blog post I would think to myself- I REALLY should get around to setting up a template - next time, I swear!

Finally I set aside some time to and let me tell you my friend, since setting up a template for my blog posts in Squarespace, it has helped streamlined my blogging process BIG TIME.

Besides saving time, having a blog post template keeps me from letting any important post elements from slipping through the cracks.

So here's an easy to follow tutorial and a friendly nudge to setup a template because it’s SO simple and will save so much time in the long run.


And if you’re a Squarespace website designer- you could even start offering this in your design packages!

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Setting up Your Squarespace Blog Post Template

Create a new blog post and title your post “Blog Post Template” or something similar.

I also included “Change slug” as a reminder for myself (more on this later!)

Here's what my template looks like:

A post within a post, how meta!


Format the Post

Here's a list of what I include in my template:

  • Image Block - for a Pinterest graphic.
  • Text Block - you can insert dummy text here, as you can see I just have a simple "Lorem Ipsum".
  • Email Subscriber Box - you can also replace this with a content upgrade graphic. You can add another one at the bottom of your post too! 
  • Call to Action - Since I’m focusing on booking brand and website projects, that’s what I’m highlighting right now. You could also feature related products from your shop, free consultations or links to courses.
  • Summary Block - related posts section.
  • Bio - Since I don’t have a sidebar I include a headshot and about me blurb, that also serves as an SEO description.

Once your template is finalized, click "save" now you have your template!

Customize Your Squarespace Blog Post Template

Once you're template is setup and you're ready to publish your next post, you just have to duplicate the post, add content and boom! You're off to the races.

  • Duplicate Page
  • Change Blog Post Title
  • Change Slug (I usually just copy the post title and paste in this section)
  • Import Content
  • Connect Storage for Newsletter Boxes
  • Set Category for Related Posts

Just like that, you have a blog post template you can edit and update as needed!

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