How to create your own mood board


I always say that the logo and brand identity course can work for more than just learning how to design logos. That's because it's a tried and true process I've used on everything from banner ads to t-shirt designs.

I wanted to show you what I mean, so I decided to create a mood board for a wedding invitation project I'm currently working on. Since I've already designed the "save the date", I've already gone over steps 1 + 2, filling out a creative brief and going through the brainstorm and discovery phase. Watch the video below to see how I go from random images in Pinterest to a final cohesive mood board.

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(ooh baby)



The Graphic Design Process Overview


Your first stop is heading over to Pinterest, the queen of all mood boards. Pin everything that goes along with your theme. I typically draw most of my inspiration from interior design and fashion, do whatever works best for you!



Pull the strongest images from Pinterest and bring them into Photoshop or Illustrator to create a cohesive board. These images should have a similar color palette and unique shapes or symbols that can influence the design.


If you're real crafty, you can create an old fashioned mood board using magazines and what not!

Where else do you draw inspiration for your design projects?