Graphic Design Process Example


To create better and more consistent quality designs, it's important to follow a process. It's important to remember that every designer's process is different, you can tweak steps to better fit your "flow" :)

For a starting point (and maybe some new tips!) check out the sample project below:

A graphic design process example! At this point in the project we have:

  • Met with the client, filled out a creative brief for the project and determined our final goals of the project. We’re designing wedding invitations, so it’s less about the audience and more about the bride’s preferences!

  • We’ve created a mood board to visualize the creative brief. Watch that video here.

  • Next we do some sketches to come up with a few ideas for layouts. We also reference the mood board for any ideas we want to try out.

  • Then we hop into Adobe Illustrator and start executing our ideas! You may want to take breaks, and come back. Remember: Your first ideas are usually your worst ideas!

  • At this point in the project you would send a few versions to your client and discuss your process and make revisions, etc.

  • Next send the project in for print! Make sure you have all of the important information within the design and you have a proper bleed setup.

designBecky Kinkead