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Ethical Matter is a sustainable clothing brand, passionate about using clothing as a catalyst for action & empowerment.


The ethical matter customer profile:

She’s an ambitious professional with solid understanding and concern for current events. She stays up late worrying about global warming. And loves trying the latest vegan cafe for Sunday Brunch.

She’s got that “don’t even get me started” kinda’ passion. When she’s not clockin’ the 9-5, you can find her outside, unplugged and on a new adventure. You won’t find any fast fashion brands in her closet. She’s got that casual/cool vibe nailed down and somehow always looks effortlessly chic.

Brand & Website Design

for Brooke Moore of Ethical Matter

design by becky kinkead


"My goal for this project was to establish a stand-out logo and leave with a cohesive brand identity. 

My favorite part [about the design process] was that Becky gave me multiple versions of logos. Having options helped me get a feel for what I was going for and what I wasn't going for so I could feel assured.

The biggest surprise about working together was how efficient and cool Basecamp [the project management system] is!!

Becky was such a blast to work with. Easy going, flexible, and always prepared with helpful links and resources. She not only paid great attention to detail, but she was innovative and current with trends in her field!"


-Brooke Moore, founder of Ethical Matter

step 01 :: Research & Discovery

The Brand Strategy Guide

brand identity primary goals:

Establish Ethical Matter as a quality, environmentally savvy brand. Design a feminine, polished, modern identity that appeals to environmentally conscious shoppers.


visual brand direction:

Exuding fresh, modern design capturing the Ethical Matter spirit of environmental protection. Soft, neutral hues contrasted with bold typography. Modern minimalism balanced with inviting textures.

The primary goal of the brand identity is to appeal to the stylish environmentalist. She has an appetite for fashion but wants to invest in sustainable, quality materials provided by Ethical Matter.

step 02 :: Brand identity design

Logo Concepts


Final Logo Design

Final Brand Identity Design

Secondary Logo Design

Secondary Logo Design



Pattern Design

Pattern Design

Color Palette

Color Palette

step 03 :: marketing materials

Cohesive Design Across Web & Print

Business Cards & Thank You Postcards

Business Cards & Thank You Postcards

Newsletter Template

Newsletter Template

Social Media Banners

Social Media Banners

step 04 :: Website Design

Squarespace Website Design

Homepage Design

Homepage Design

step 05 :: launch!

Final Website Design

Brand Style Guide

With each project launch, a portion of sales goes to supporting women in business, going to school & leading their communities.

With the Ethical Matter project launch, we supported Gladys & the Chingoma Group. This loan was chosen because it enables women living below the poverty line to start a business of their own. Learn more.

Giving Back:

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