Digitize Hand Lettering


Today we're going to be going over image trace tool in Adobe Illustrator this is kind of like the shortcut when you don't want to use the pen tool, when you want to digitize hand lettering or when you want to quickly digitize some logo sketches.

I just drew this out with a brush marker and scanned it in to my computer using my phone.

Even though this is an Illustrator tutorial, I'm starting out in Photoshop. My first step is to make the blacks blacker and the whites whiter.

As you can see I just made this black and white, adjusted those levels a little bit. Tweaked the brightness/contrast and the curves. Next I bring it into Adobe Illustrator.

The rest of the process is pretty simple!

  1. Click image trace
  2. Click expand
  3. Ungroup so you can easily delete the background and clean up the image a little bit.

Next, you can change colors, add textures and tweak the design as much as your heart desires! I really like a textured look, but iff you don't want such a textured design, you'll want to use different pens/markers so your image has a more solid outline when you scan it in.

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