"Design is everything"

I had on my editorial calendar to tell you about the benefits of a blog or website, but you know those already. The last thing you need is another "top 10 reasons to get your website up ASAP" article. Here's the problem with those types of articles. They tell you the WHY and maybe the HOW to get your website up and running. But they often leave out the importance of the design aspect. I know that it's overwhelming with so much competition out there. But throwing up a Wordpress site isn't going to do much if you don't have the first part of designing figured out.

You need to have eye catching designs that leave a lasting impression. Addictive eye candy that keeps your visitors asking you for more. Great design sells. Not just because it looks pretty, but because it was created with the audience in mind. How do you figure that out?

Picture the bloggers & entrepreneurs that you admire. What do they all have in common? A clear sense of who their brand is and the audience that they're serving. Every piece of material they put out, visually caters to their ideal customers.

So how do you create designs that represent your values AND connect with your target market.

  1. Well it sounds like a tall order, here's a peek into my design process:
  2. Know your "what". What does your business offer people? What do you write about on your blog?
  3. Know your "why". What is your true purpose. Why are you unique compared to everyone else?
  4. Do some a ton of research & brainstorming.
  5. Create a mood board (a visual representation of the research & brainstorming)
  6. Create logo sketches, ask for feedback from your target market.
  7. Determine your additional brand elements (like patterns, symbols & textures).
  8. Design a style guide, so that you and your team (or future team) are clear on your visual brand assets.

Now it's time to take all that prep work and start creating graphics like a website banner and social media posts.  It's not just about installing a cool looking Wordpress theme, but creating designs for your website that represent your brand.