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Once upon a time, whenever us creative business owners shared a blog post, service or offering on Instagram, we would have to update the link in description.

This got old fast, because not only was it another step (updating your description link) it meant if someone looked at your other recent Instagram posts, there was not an easy way to get to the link.

That’s where sites like Linktree came in. Suddenly, you could link multiple blog posts, your services, a contact button and more!

One day, I was updating my Linktree and it occurred to me that I could cut out the middle man - there’s really no reason not to make my own Instagram landing page!


Why Create Your Own instagram landing page:

  • Keep your Instagram landing page “on brand”.
  • Easily track clicks, traffic and engagement from the website you already have.
  • More flexibility in the design. Instead of just a “portfolio” button, I can show an image of my latest project launch.
  • Instead of just a few buttons to recent blog posts, I can show the featured image. Since that image corresponds with my Instagram post, it makes it super easy for users to easily find the post they’re looking for!
  • Hardly ever have to update it! Even though Linktree gives you buttons to link to, you would still have to add your latest blog link. By using feeds, I never have to update the page unless I want to make content changes!


What to include on your instagram landing page:

The best news? Setting up an Instagram landing page is SUPER easy. Especially if you’re using Squarespace.

My page is almost entirely “feeds”, so I never have to update it, unless I want to switch up the content.

  • When you're setting up the page, name the slug /insta so it’s nice and short in your profile.
  • You can include your headshot and username at the top that corresponds with your profile.
  • Link to my latest opt-in.
  • Feed of blog posts (I currently share the most recent 4 posts).
  • Button to go to the full blog.
  • Latest project launch preview image. You could also display shop items, your courses, etc.
  • Button to visit portfolio. You could also link services, book appointment, etc.

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