December Goals


Happy December!

This last month was a huge reminder for me of the “ebb & flow” of business. Last month, I felt like I had it “all together”-whatever that means. And I felt confident I would ride that wave throughout the rest of 2016, lolz.

November ended up being a crazy month IRL (travelled for Thanksgiving! We’re suddenly moving!), which meant most of my goals for the month got pushed to the back burner. I did manage to stay focused for my workshop launch, woot!

November Goals Recap

Launch Portfolio PRO

Wowza, made it happen! Launching is always an intense experience, and this was no different. I’m very much looking forward to hearing student feedback and experiences and incorporating them into an “evergreen workshop” in 2017- which means the workshop will be available year round.

Schedule a Photoshoot

As November sped by and the beaut fall colors rapidly disappeared- so did my enthusiasm for a photoshoot and I’ve decided to shelve this project for the spring. Incase you didn’t know, I happen to be planning my wedding in 2017, and would love to find a photographer that I feel comfortable with and can do both!

Post a Video

Okay, remember how I said most of the goals got pushed to the back burner? In the end, making videos for Portfolio PRO took precedent! I do have a video on my editorial schedule for December!

Cleanup Bloglovin'

It looks like everything is all cleared up! (There was an issue after I redirected domains, but I did some poking around and it should be resolved!)

Instagram Plan

While I didn’t get crazy on Instagram, I did relaunch my Facebook page AND open up my Facebook group to join - so make sure to check those out!

Here’s a roundup at this month's posts:

December Goals

My overall goal for the month is to re-charge a bit. 2016 was a difficult year and December marks the 1st anniversary of losing my mom to cancer. So, it’s going to be one of those months to focus on family, the holidays, life! while continuing to create & share helpful content.

Post a Video

Carrying on this one from November! I have the ideas, just gotta do the work!

Schedule “Small Scale Sabbaticals”

Sean Wes talks about scheduling a “small scale sabbatical” every 7th week to step back from your work and focus on creating, planning & recharging. I’ve already decided I’m going to take 2 weeks off around the holidays as most of the internet slows down anyways.

I’ve been thinking about how it seems like every 7-8 weeks, I start to feel drained. I’m not entirely sure what a "sabbatical" would look like for me, maybe taking a scheduled break from blogging & marketing those weeks? I’ll have to think about it. But I really believe giving yourself “permission” for these types of breaks can help avoid burnout!

2017 Brainstorm Session

I’m going to have a full-on 2017 goals post next month, but I have a lot of things I’d like to accomplish next year, more courses to launch, new blog series, a mentorship program, a “giving back” program… the list goes on! This month, I plan to hammer down some of these ideas and how I plan on executing!

Let me know in the comments, what are your big goals this month!?

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