7 Steps to a Better Creative Brief


No matter how big or small the branding project, it's important not to skimp out on a creative brief. It's an easy way to manage the many aspects of designing and developing a brand. All the parts of the project get done with more efficiently and minimize the chances of miscommunication. Take note however, that after putting together the creative brief, it is not an end all. It's a working document that evolves with your brand.

Here are the 7 main steps of a creative brief. Use it when your working to figure out how you want your brand design to look like.

1. Introduction: Here is where you would provide a description of your blog or business. Seems kind of obvious- but you a detailed description of your brand's mission, so that the concept can be developed into a design. You would also write out what's needed - a logo, website, marketing materials, etc.

2. Project Details: What is your brand in need of? After describing yourself, it's time to get into more detail about what you need to have designed, budget, and your preferred timeframe. This irons out some of the logistics of the project.

3. Goals & Objectives: What do you want your brand design to portray? Do you want a logo that's fresh and trendy? Or rather - elegant and timeless. Define what your brand designs should represent.

4. Audience: Describe your target market, demographics, etc. This determines color schemes, font choices, copy etc. 

5. Competition: Describe them, what you like/dislike. Even better - describe how you unique and in a separate camp from the competition. This helps define what your brand should be focusing on.

6. Communication: How are you going to spark emotion from your audience? I always think of TOMS shoes having great communication. With their tagline "one for one" it simply defines their entire brand's practices, mission & beliefs. What are you communicating to your readers and audience?

7. Mediums & Design Preferences: Describe the look you're going for in your design and where it's going to be. Are you solely online? Do you also need some print materials like business cards and marketing materials? Is your logo round, text based, image based, etc. Think about how your logo will look printed verses on the web. Will your branding design transfer between the two mediums?

There ya' go! Remember, a creative brief is all about laying the groundwork for your brand identity. It's a general outline that will help you focus your end goals. As always, get at me if you have any questions!