4 Brand Building Blocks


Learn how setting up a solid foundation for establishing your brand identity leads to increased customer loyalty and engagement.

1. Define your brand’s values What are you promising your customer that is different and/or better than your competitor? List descriptive words you’d like your brand to be known for, innovative, adventurous, etc.

2. Develop your brand’s tone or voice This can take time to perfect, but it’s important to stay consistent in everything you prepare for your marketing materials. Your voice should stand out in your blogging, newsletters, social media, printed materials, speaking with you customers, how you and your employees talk around shop (think company culture). Defining your brand’s values will be like planting the roots for your tone of voice. Everything you write and say should come from these descriptive words.

3. Write a straightforward tagline A killer tagline has to be many things, here’s just a few: -short: 3 to 7 words make it easy to remember -clear: K.I.S.S. don’t try to get fancy by using weird ways to describe yourself. -versatile: your tagline should be able to grow with your business, products and services offerings.

4. Your brand isn’t your logo, but your logo represents your brand Many people confuse “branding” with logo design. Obviously there’s so many moving parts to creating and developing a brand. However, having a solid logo design that represents you is so valuable to your marketing. Plaster that sucker all over the place for increased brand recognition.

businessBecky Kinkead