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Today, I'm excited to share a new project reveal! My wonderful client, Melissa McGraw just launched her brand spankin' new website with a completely new business name, logo and identity to go with it. Check out the site here.



When Melisssa first contacted me, she was running a website called "The Fashion Potential". It was a resourceful site for folks looking to get a foot in the door in the competitive landscape of the fashion world.

The problem? After a couple of years, the site was attracting a variety of creatives beyond fashionistas - online entrepreneurs, Etsy shop owners, photographers and more! Melissa was feeling constrained by her website's name and her brand wasn't servicing her audience to its full capacity.

On top of that, her website was feeling "clunky". She desired a website that was user friendly - on the front & backend. So visitors could more easily access her content and products PLUS she could make updates with a few simple tweaks.

So, we started the process of a full rebrand. From a new name (The Creative Potential - love it!!) to a new platform (we chose Squarespace, for it's simple and intuitive design).

Read on, for a behind the scenes look at the project and a interview with Melissa!

Research & Discovery

The Mood Board

The Mood Board

The visual brand direction is all about embodying the "entrepreneur’s experience". Finding the balance between dreamy ideas and practical action plans.

Bold pops of color balanced with sophisticated neutrals. Whimsical hand lettering contrasted with clean, modern typography.

The primary goal of the brand identity is to appeal to the creative entrepreneur:

She has a penchant for ideas but wants to take action & grow her business with the tools and resources provided by The Creative Potential.

The Logo

The primary strategy was to strip the existing logo down for a more simplified and sophisticated design while maintaining a familiar layout for existing customers and clients.

For the the word "Creative", we wanted to choose a typeface that represented the handwriting of a stylish, creative entrepreneur. This was balanced with a modern, sans-serif font.

After testing dozens of fonts, the primary typeface was narrowed down to the overall vibe we wanted to achieve. Stylish without being too trendy; unique characteristics, but still easy to read at varying sizes.

- the final logo -


Color Palette

The color palette was created to appeal to the stylish entrepreneur: bold pops of color contrasted with sophisticated neutrals.

Pattern Swatches


We wanted the pattern swatches to have a textured feel and harken to the "fashionable" element of the brand.



A variety of icons were created for the website, we kept them light & airy, as the pattern was so vibrant and we didn't want them to compete!

Brand Collateral

Here is a peek at some of the collateral designed for The Creative Potential's marketing materials:

- Business Cards -


- various Banners -


- graphic templates (for blog & opt-ins) -


There's a variety of templates available for Melissa, so she can easily create coordinated graphics for her blog, social media & webinars!


Here's a shot of the previous website homepage (formerly The Fashion Potential):


And here's the brand new site, The Creative Potential!:


For the website, our primary goal was to make it easy to navigate, and simple to find the variety of helpful content & offerings available. Click here to browse the full site!


An interview with Melissa McGraw, of The Creative Potential


‣ What are three points of frustration you faced with your brand/website before working together?

Well where do I begin? When I created my previous two websites the only option that was suggested to me was using Wordpress.  The frustrations I experienced:

1. The site was clunky. There was no cohesive flow.
2. I couldn't make changes myself without messing up the code.  
3. I had used developers in the past that didn't follow up or follow through. It was difficult to move forward!


‣ What was the big “a-ha moment” when you decided you needed to change things up?

I just looked at my previous site one day and said I need to change it immediately. No more band-aids.  It was time for something new.

No more band-aids.  It was time for something new.


‣ Why did you decide to book your project with Becky Kinkead Designs?

Becky sees your vision before you even explain it to her.  She totally gets it and is the utmost professional. Her talent and attention to detail will amaze you and her work speaks for itself!


‣ What were your initial design goals for this project?

I wanted to create a website that was clean and effective. Plus I needed it to be user friendly so that I could change on the backend.


‣ What was your favorite part about working together?

I love how Becky keeps you constantly updated on the design process.  It really put my mind at ease that the project was in great hands!


‣ Were you surprised by any aspect of the process?

How quick the turnaround time was. I do think that is highly attributed to Becky's work ethic and professional demeanor!

I feel that my passion for my business has been renewed and can’t thank Becky enough for helping me move my business forward!   


‣ How was your overall experience?

I'm a bit speechless (which doesn't happen often) when it comes to describing this experience. I feel that my passion for my business has been renewed and can't thank Becky enough for helping me move my business forward!   

Woohoo! I'm so excited for Melissa and this new direction for her business. I hope you enjoyed learning more about the "behind the scenes" of this project.

If you're looking to get your brand vision off the ground, get in touch to book a complementary consultation!