Sono Sparks | Brand & Website Design


Sono Sparks, founded by Patricia Snyder, aims to expand sonographer's education through resources and content shared on the her new blog & podcast.




The process for the logo mark was to create a transducer icon (used for ultrasounds) and incorporate an S for a unique mark that represents the Sono Sparks brand.

Color Palette


Utilize bright, welcoming colors that stand out among competition and feel welcoming to new readers and listeners who want to expand their sonographer education.

Behind the Scenes Decisions: There were a couple iterations of this color palette which was ultimately influenced by Patricia's scrubs! Sometimes, the best way to infuse your personality into your brand is by letting your wardrobe influence design decisions :)



A simple pattern was created to incorporate on graphics for a modern look and as a creative, alternative option to stock photography.

This was to be used primarily in background images or thumbnails.

Style Guide

Marketing Materials


A variety of social media banners & graphics were created for this project.


I hope you enjoyed learning more about the "behind the scenes" of this project.

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