Are you making these website mistakes?


Designing and building a website for your business is only half the battle.

Websites are never a static marketing element with endless opportunities to test, tweak and optimize. 

This can either lead to a well-oiled machine, or a bunch of unused data, cluttered pages and overwhelming systems. 

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Instead of trying to fix #AllTheThings, let's start with some low hanging fruit items for a more successful website. 

Are you making these mistakes on your website?

Copywriting Faux Pas

We all know call to actions and headlines are critical for growing our email list size and turning strangers into customers. But there's a fine line between inspiring action and sounding spammy (clickbait headlines work, but are they contributing to the overall trust of your brand?)

Choose call to action buttons wisely:

Don't use the word "submit".

Instead of "learn more" or "click here" get more descriptive so folks know what to expect.

  • Don't use "we". Instead, make your sales copy about the visitor by using "you".
  • Use "My" instead of "Your". Again, this makes it about the visitor. For example, "download my free ebook" as opposed to "download your free ebook".

Cluttered Web Design

Minimalist web design has become nothing short of the standard and for good reason - white space, hierarchy and keeping it simple improves conversion rates. The trick is to keep it minimal without looking bland.

  • Try testing your blog without a sidebar, or run a heatmap on your blog to see what people are actually clicking on in your sidebar - you might see a surge in email sign ups if you remove everything expect an author bio and opt-in.

Slow Website

Most folks won't wait longer than 3 seconds for your website to load! Give your site a quick test on Pingdom to see how your site performs and how you can optimize it.

Many bloggers have huge images that are slowing things down. Before you upload your blog pics or featured images, compress them on TinyPNG.

Lack of Trust

With so much competition out there, we need to implement "trust signals" throughout our site to support our experience, knowledge and skill set. I love this list of social proofing strategies from Digital Current.

  • Testimonials (especially videos)
  • Case studies
  • Partner + client logos
  • Press coverage
  • Years served
  • Social Media profiles + comments
  • Awards
  • Revenue
  • Total customers
  • Customer feedback stats

Poor User Experience

Essentially, this entire list contributes to "poor user experience". But what I'm referencing in particular is a lack of goals or clarity around what the purpose of your website.

When someone lands on your page, you should have a clear step by step funnel that takes them from "random stranger" to getting on your email list and initiating a sales or on boarding funnel.

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Website Planning Checklist

Download your free checklist to organize & launch a successful website design!

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