A Simple & Productive Weekly Freelance Schedule


In my early days of freelancing, it was pretty standard to make a massive todo list with everything on my plate and try to get as much done in a day and then just carry over whatever didn’t get done to the next- not exactly an efficient strategy.

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I also noticed that if I start my day with client work, there’s a good chance that’s all I’ll do during the day, which means I’m neglecting marketing, admin and everything that goes into running an online business.


In general, I split my day into 2 parts:

  • The morning is for my business/marketing tasks, following the schedule below.

  • The afternoon is for client work.


To stay organized, I use a combination of:

  • Bullet journal as a planner, to keep track of my day to day tasks, brainstorms, goals and pretty much anything :)

  • Asana as an editorial calendar (mostly blog & Instagram)

  • Basecamp to manage my client’s design projects



how I batch my business tasks by day:



I used to save administrative work for the end of the week, but let me tell you. I’m much more likely to skip out on updating my income and expense spreadsheets on a sunny Friday afternoon than a focused Monday morning.

So now, every Monday, I do all those admin tasks such as:


  • Updating expenses

  • Invoicing

  • Paying bills

  • Tracking audience growth

... and all those other fun things!



I use Tuesdays as an “editorial” day. This mostly means outlining and drafting blog posts. I try to outline and draft 4 posts at a time, to stay ahead of schedule.



Wednesdays are for social media, primarily creating Instagram content. Here’s how I plan and schedule a month of Instagram posts.



Thursdays are another “editorial” day. Usually editing and scheduling blog posts, I also draft up my newsletter on Thursdays and have been A/B testing the best days and times to send them (Sunday morning has been doing well!)

If I didn't finish up any social media tasks I didn’t get done on Wednesday.



I keep Friday’s flexible and use them to catch up on any areas that I may have fallen behind, then plan for the week ahead.

I also use Friday’s for “maintenance” days, maybe I want to learn something new, update my site, try out a new program or create content for a new workshop or eBook.

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