A New Chapter!

Hi hi hello! I have some exciting design-y news for ya’...

Drumrollllllll..... I’ve joined the Ambra Health team full-time as the marketing designer!


Everything happened rather fast and it has been the best transition, but let’s back up a bit with a quick career-so-far-recap:

After graduating (digital media/Albright College for those curious!), I landed my first graphic design job at an e-commerce, retail company. Eventually, I started freelancing on the side and after about 6 months of nights & weekends freelancing, I took the leap in January 2013 and became a bonafide working-from-my-couch business owner.

Over the years, I’ve designed logos, brand identities, websites and marketing materials. I’ve worked with bloggers, YouTubers, small business owners and start-ups.

One of those start-ups was a healthcare IT company called Ambra Health and we've been working together for the past ~3 years on retainer.

There’s a lot about being an independent designer that I love. The variety of projects, and the flexibility of managing your own schedule are particular highlights. I’ve met so many different people and worked with businesses around the world.

When 2018 came around and I started thinking about my goals for the year and my long-term career goals, I struggled pinpointing what comes next??? I've felt myself slowly burning out, and no matter how I would try to change things up (launching a course or new service) nothing quite gave me that fiery this is what I'm meant to be doing feeling that once fueled me.

This past year or two I've been buoyed by IRL side projects like planning our wedding and renovating our fixer-upper. But as these have wrapped up and design/business became my primary focus again - I knew I needed a change. I just wasn’t quite sure what that looked like.

One thing that kept coming back to me, was how much I enjoyed working with Ambra. The projects were challenging and fulfilling, I believe in the company’s mission and (this is a key point) love working with the team! I increasingly found myself thinking, it would be cool to dive a little deeper into the work and collaborate with these guys all day.

Right around this time, a position opened up on the marketing team and I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

After a trip up to Ambra headquarters in NYC, and finally meeting the whole team IRL (hi, guys!) we made it official. I’ve been working with them full-time since!

So what am I up to these days?

Well, I’m the marketing designer which means I create all of Ambra's marketing materials (social media, landing pages, ebooks, etc). I've also been working on some other cool product related projects (rolling out soon!) and was even a presenter on a recent webinar where I shared tips on building a patient-friendly website! I work remotely and head up to the NYC office every few weeks. It's been the perfect balance of remote flexibility merged with human contact, ha!

What does Ambra Health do anyway? 

This could be a post on its own but for now, we'll keep things simple... Ambra moves medical imaging (like x-rays and reports) into the cloud which makes things a lot easier and saves everyone (patients, physicians, healthcare organizations) time and money. 

If you’ve been following me long enough, you may know I lost my mom to cancer a few years back. My family has lived the frustration and inefficiency of the outdated systems. I truly believe in the product and love working with a team passionate about making big changes within the healthcare industry.

What comes next?

After wrapping up a few client projects, I decided to take the summer off from freelancing to focus on a smooth transition and you know, enjoy the summer!

I’m looking forward to easing back into blogging and sharing what projects I’m working on with Ambra and life as a full-time marketing designer!

That's all for now folks, hope all is well! 👩‍💻

ambraBecky Kinkead