7 ways your website can bring you more customers & clients


While social media platforms and strategies come and go, one thing has remained consistent in growing businesses over the years. 

A solid website design can establish you as a leader in your industry, provide value to your audience and is the best way to turn strangers into paying customers.

Is your website falling flat?

  • You’re watching your email list grow at a snail’s pace...
  • You’re not getting enough sales or bookings to increase your income.
  • Perhaps you’re getting those inquiries but they don’t have the budget to work with you or they’re not those dreamy clients that light you up!?

Here are 7 areas of your website to review, that can help bring you more paying customers and clients.

01. Brand Identity

As a brand and website designer, of COURSE I have to point out that your brand identity design makes a huge difference in the type of clients who come to your door.

Your logo, typography and color palette all give off a “vibe”. So, does your aesthetic match the type of clients you want to be working with? Does the overall design show your value at first glance?

There’s no doubt that you have done the work, know your stuff and have the skills to help people’s lives.

But with so much competition out there, you need to look professional and make the best first impression.

Let’s say you’re a wellness coach who wants to work with women in their 20’s & 30’s. If your site looks outdated or pieced together, why would these women invest in your business?

02. captivating Photography

Stellar photos are one of the most important aspects of a successful website design.

They help set the tone of your business and are a visual way for people to connect with your brand and help visitors visualize themselves.

There are a TON of stock photo sites out there and businesses built on providing photography for specific niches.

If you’re not sure where to start, try creating a collection on Unsplash (free) or check out one of the many photo bundles available on Creative Market.

03. Organize services

Over the years, I have experimented with a lot of different strategies when it comes to sharing services.

There's a lot of opinions out there on whether or not you should share your pricing. One issue that many creative entrepreneurs face is that most projects can be customized or tailored to each individual, so packaging up can feel really difficult.

I TOTALLY related to that, especially when it comes to website design.

But after planning my wedding and having the experience of searching for vendors, I DEFINITELY recommend sharing your pricing and having packages.

The truth is, people are busy. And when pricing isn’t available it puts up a barrier to entry and involves MORE steps towards working together.

Often, I would browse vendors with a budget in mind and if someone had a professional website and awesome testimonials, I would be open to working with them even if they were slightly above budget.

The quality of work (and working with someone who has a process that makes things easy for me) is important!

Also, packages can always be customized, but they offer a good starting point for both parties.

04. Website effectiveness

These are some low hanging fruit to make your website work better for you. I've already written about a bunch of strategies you can do to make your website work better. The primary points, are improve your basic SEO, compress your images so your site loads faster, and simplify your website as much as possible.

05. Share the person behind the business

Sharing your personality on your website can be challenging, because it means being a little vulnerable and opening yourself up for judgement.

But by opening up bit and infusing your personality into your business, it helps visitors relate and connect to you beyond the screen.

Where's a good place to start?

Share your hobbies! What do you do outside of business and blogging? Are you a yogi? Dedicated marathoner? Do you devour books on rainy afternoons? Red wine aficionado? Dog rescuer? Cat person?

All these little things add up and are easy ways for people to find you oh so #relatable.

06. Social Proof

With so much competition out there, we need to implement "trust signals" throughout our site to support our experience, knowledge and skill set. Here's a list of trust signals you can add to your site:

  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Partner + client logos
  • Press coverage
  • Years in business
  • Awards
  • Revenue
  • Total customers

07. Make it easy to get in touch with you

Many folks have been trying to simplify their websites as much as possible, and while I’m a fan of a simple navigation menu, make sure you make it easy for people to get in touch with you.

Remember, there’s always “barriers to entry”, your primary goal with your website is to break down those barriers and connect with your website visitors so they grow to know, like and trust you enough to invest in you!

website designBecky Kinkead