7 Creative Alternatives to Stock Photos for Your Website


Quality photography and graphics help our websites stand out.

They help us build a cohesive online brand and can take a website design to the next level. Visuals make a huge impact!

But we don’t always have the time or resources to take our own photos.

That’s where stock photos come in. And while there are a TON of awesome resources out there for modern stock photos, sometimes we want to get a little more creative with our brand identity.

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Here are 7 creative alternatives to stock photos so you can spice up your website, social media and blog graphics.

Stock Photo Alternatives:


01. Icons

Icons are one of my favorite design elements, because they can break up content and give visitors an instant visual cue as to what you do and your offerings. There's also a ton of icon styles out there. If you're feeling creative, you can also give icon design a shot!

Custom icons designed for The Creative Potential


02. Item Toolkits

Utilizing toolkits is a simple way to quickly create unique graphics. You can mix them with your own photos, stock photos and documents you've created. This "Ladypreneur" kit has come in handy for my website banners and social media graphics.


03. Typography & Lettering

Another fun way to create unique graphics with your brand identity is to utilize typography or hand lettering elements in graphics.


04. Patterns

Patterns can be used as backgrounds or incorporated into the overall design in a variety of ways. You can create patterns with illustrations, icons and even elements of your logo such as monograms or other secondary logo marks.

Pattern designed for Ethical Matter

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05. Illustrations

Illustrations can infuse so much personality into your brand! They're not as simple to create as basic icon design, which can help take your brand identity to a new level.


06. Textures

Textures are usually great backgrounds, but you can also use them as "masks" and enhance photos. I've been using this pack of brushy textures for a current client project and love the effect!


07. Mockups

Instead of basic screenshots, mockups can help you display your website, blog posts, courses and more! You can use a combination of desktops, iPads and iPhones. But that's not all- there are hundreds of mockups that you can use for your brand identity!

You can find TONS of mockups out there. Try Creative Market for premium ones or Graphic Burger for some freebies!

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