6 Do's & Don'ts of Graphic Design

While learning a new craft, there's a lot of different things you need to know, what rules to abide by and what to avoid entirely. Here are 6 do's and don'ts for better looking graphic design. DO: Know thy target market Each design should be created with a specific audience in mind.

DON'T: Have a favorite font If you have a favorite or “go-to” font, that probably means you’re using fonts incorrectly.

DO: Always have a “WHY" This is very difficult. It’s the difference between playing around with photoshop and entering the graphic design arena. Make conscious decisions with your designs. Hint: “because I like it” is not a why.

DON'T: Fall in love It can be hard not to fall for a piece of your work. Your judgment gets clouded when you’re too attached. Keep your designs at arms length.

DO: Spend time getting inspired Whether it’s browsing Pinterest, or Instagram, your favorite magazines, interior design or hoofin’ it outside - surround yourself with inspiration. What about something is inspiring you? The color? Texture? Take pictures of it and think of ways you can apply that inspiration to your projects.

DON'T: Be [too] pretentious. Okay, okay, you can totally be snobby when you go out - complain about how every strip mall has at least 3 different shops with a brush script sign and judge a restaurant experience based off the menu design. However, attitude can make working with clients a drag. If a client is insisting on filling up each inch of white space, it’s YOUR job as the professional to help inform your client about the value of design.

There’s lots of other ones, like: DO utilize white space, DON’T use hideous fonts, DO get good at kerning, DON’T copy other people’s designs.

Most importantly, DO take risks & DON'T always follow the rules;)

resources, designBecky Kinkead