5 ways to improve your brand’s identity design using ELEMENTS


So, WHAT are brand elements anyways? And why do you need them?

Brand elements are things like patterns, textures and symbols that don’t necessarily get included in your logo design, but they match your logo design. If your logo was a dress – your elements were some matching accessories.

Why do you need said "elements"?

Well with websites and blogs popping up left and right you need yours to stand out. Brand elements like patterns and symbols can make your overall look more memorable and appealing to visitors and potential clients.

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Here are 5 ways to incorporate brand elements into your brand design:

1. Blog Featured Images


I have a template I use for my blog's featured image (and for other social media accounts).  This makes creating graphics super easy-more on that in another post. On it, I have the ink wash that was inspired by my love of calligraphy. It's great, because it adds style to each image, keeps my brand consistent, and I don't have to go searching for an image or icon with each featured image.

2. Business Cards


I’m obsessed with ordering everything from moo.com And with the option to upload different backgrounds to each card - your options are LIMITLESS. You could have the same background with different colors on each card, or different symbols - so many opportunities to get creative!!!

3. iPhone Case



It might be considered a little corporate-y to add your logo to your phone case, you could get parts of your brand elements (like a pattern) so your reppin’ your biz in a cute + classy way. There's lots of websites you can do this on. I like Casetify and used their site to create this mockup.

4. Email Newsletter Banners


You have to be careful about including too many images in your newsletter because it can confuse the email server end up in people's junk folder.

But by not including ANYTHING it could mean it gets skipped over! Just think for a minute of ALL the newsletters your subscribed to - If something pops up and it’s not instantly recognizable, readers will unsubscribe.

Make your newsletter stand out + help readers remember who you are with an interesting banner! Bonus points if you keep the same look + feel across your social media banners.

5. Website Buttons


You know you can create pretty buttons in Photoshop, right? Guess what - They don’t have to just be a rectangle! While this definitely helps with usability - why not spice things up by adding some texture or your customized symbols to your site?