How to Stand Out From Your Competitors Online


At this point, you know that there's so much you can be doing to market your business online. But it can be tough when every where you turn there's a competitor seemingly doing bigger & better things with their business. When I first started as a graphic designer I was overwhelmed and intimidated. For one thing, I had it drilled in my brain that the only way to do creative work for a living was to live as a starving artist (not true). I was also acutely aware of how saturated the market is (very true). However, I've found that there's plenty of ways to stand out from the competition.

1. Share Your Values Unlike illustrators, having a "design style" isn't really required for web and graphic designers. However, having some key values that are the foundation of every project has helped me craft a unique style for Kinkead Designs. The "less is more" design philosophy helps showcase my client's businesses in a clear, modern way and makes it easy for their customers to navigate their websites or advertisements. What are your company's values or mission? Make sure that you're embedding these values into every thread of your business.

2. Tell Your Story Sometimes it can be difficult to "get personal" online. Trust me, when I first started publishing blogs or posts on social media I would get hardcore butterflies. But it gets easier with each post and the more you can be yourself through these outlets, the better connection you'll form with your customers.

Ways to share your story:

  • Write a killer about or team page (I'm working on this now) try Amy Chick's free guide for inspiration
  • Instagram behind the scenes photos at your shop or working at your desk
  • Use your "voice" in your writing. This is always a work in progress for me. One way to get better at blogging is by speaking into your iPhone recorder. Then you're writing how you really speak!

3. Show Your Personality Again, this can be a little tough, especially if you're shy or worried about damaging your online reputation. The darn truth of it is by showing off your badass self you'll stand out from your cookie cutter competition. One of the best ways to do this is through video, start small with some Instagram clips. They don't need to be Grammy award winning performances, just let your customers take a peek of your personality.

There you have it, three ways to stand out from your competitors. I sure do hope it sparked some ideas for ya'! Leave a comment with one way YOU can stand out from your competition online.