A New Chapter!

Exciting news to share today... I’ve joined the Ambra Health team full-time as the marketing designer! Everything happened rather fast and it has been the best transition.

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ambraBecky Kinkead
Design an Instagram Landing Page

Once upon a time, whenever us creative business owners shared a blog post, service or offering on Instagram, we would have to update the link in description. This got old fast, because not only was it another step (updating your description link) it meant if someone looked at your other recent Instagram posts, there was not an easy way to get to the link.

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Giving Back: Sleep Out Campaign

Today I’m sharing something a little different on the blog. One of my personal goals for 2018 is to get more active in giving back to my local community and I would love to find ways to merge these initiatives with my online community (that’s you! :)

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personalBecky Kinkead